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How to Buy Good Slow Running Nike Air Max Shoes

A pair of good jogging shoes should be with the following conditions:

(1) wants firm, ability makes the heel first-teamers stability, not easy tilt.

(2) above the heel appropriate protruding lining tongue, can not only protect Achilles tendon, and do not stimulate Achilles tendon.

(3) below, should have shoes tongue can protect instep lining, and stretch toe tendon.

(4) Cheap Nike Shoes to high and round head best, don’t clamped toes, or cause toenail bed blood.

(5) heels wants bounty stable, sole should have soft sandwich to absorb shock effect. Finally end a cant shape, eli shall be feet moving forward.

(6) the soles to before and after stratification, thickness and material is different. Most lower level directly and ground part will strengthen the wear-resisting, but also not hard to lose buffer effect, and must have the proper distribution of ground only, bumps, don’t slip traction.

(7) sole former 1/3 point to soft, can the toe joint for ordinary back song, reduce Achilles tendon injuries.

(8) choose shoes in the afternoon time had better. For then feet have activities for several hours, when than morning. And when choose shoes to wear sports socks, best first a foot wear new shoes, another foot wear old Nike Air Max shoes, such mutual after comparing, just two feet all wear new shoes, the most easy to see whether fit.

(9) toes front-end should be reserved space, do not and shoes head contact, because of the Cheap Air Max shoes long may grows wider, but not the length of the increase, the shoes than feet must be more than the actual length of the comparison of 2, 3 centimeters or more appropriate.

(10) of each brand of running shoes price is differ, some as high as hundreds of yuan, average person does not need to buy the most expensive, because more expensive running shoes are often brand competition shoes, in order to reduce the weight of the Air Max 90 shoes, the contest varies with running shoes is not suitable for the usual training, so don’t be price fan or.

(11) the vamp material has a very big impact on prices. Use is made of superior leather uppers theoretically more durable, but in fact often is the sole first wear. Nylon nets woven from vamp lighter, permeability is better, the foot relatively easy to keep cool, dry in the distance RACES, also can moderate stretch to accommodate slightly swollen feet, these are all its advantages so don’t adhere to the face of running Air Max Shoes do not buy.

According to the above principles, can buy a pair of good slow running Air Max 95 shoes.

But you need to be aware that don’t wear running shoes engaged in basketball, tennis ball games. Because sneakers on both sides need special strengthen, favors the rotation and sudden feet before the move, sole is flat, if thickness of running shoes to wear play basketball, tennis later sprained foot always happens the sports injury.